Scavenger Gr'a

Trash King

"So you're telling me a shrimp fried this rice?"

Gr'a is a simple-minded miqo'te. He shows up, he eats all the food, says something nobody wants to hear, and leaves.

Gr'a would fancy himself a critter of very distinguished tastes... if garbage could be considered as much. The miqo'te finds things worthy of his fascination in the oddest places and squirrels them away in clever stashes all over Eorzea. Everyday refuse is never overlooked by this trash-digging scavenger.

When he's not keeping his sights peeled for things lost and discarded by those lacking a "discerning eye," Gr'a will usually set out in search of a tasty snack. He will resort to any means necessary to fill his belly, and he's quite persuasive when it comes to begging.


Names & Aliases

Raccoon, Raccqo'te, Tanuki


22 (estimated)




Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te




Feed him and he's yours


In a relationship?


Trash collector, resident pest


The bushes at Blackbriar


The Black Shroud

Patron Deity






Long, black with gray streaks, pulled into a little tie at the back


Full moon white




5fm, 2im


Mesomorph, chubby

Distinguishing Features

Gr'a's tail is large, poofy, and banded gray and black. His chin is scratchy with stubble, and the area around his eyes is darker than the rest of his skin like a bandit mask. Has a small scar between his eyebrows.


His Big Pants can hold lots of trash. He prefers not to wear a shirt, but has resigned to wearing proper clothing in pursuit of being cool.

Common Accessories

Gr'a sometimes wears some of the stuff he scavenges, but it's always changing.


Positive Traits

Resourceful, humorous, zealous, determined

Neutral Traits

Simpleminded, self-reliant, defensive, confused

Negative Traits

Naive, cowardly, competitive, uneducated


Gr'a collects (and sometimes taste-tests) garbage, but his drive to do so is likely too compulsory to be considered a hobby.

Gr'a likes music, eating, bartering, climbing, and the outdoors.

Dislikes & Fears

Gr'a HATES restrictive clothing and yarzons.

He fears starving, dying, and being made fun of.


Gr'a doesn't remember much of where he came from; all that remains are floating feelings of resentment with no memories to place them to.


  • Gr'a lacks the ability to comprehend a lot of things, but his network of trash "safe houses" is comprehensive. He can recall all of their locations with surprising ease.

  • He is actually an exceptionally talented survivalist. He knows the ins and outs of living off the land and figured it all out on his own. He's a very experimental little miqo'te; he may not figure things out quickly, but he will do it over and over until he makes it work.

  • No matter how distant, if Gr'a hears music being played he will drop whatever he's doing to find it and listen in an entranced state.

  • Gr'a almost always squats instead of sits- even if he's on a couch.

  • He used to hate baths with a soul-burning passion, but he's recently come around to the concept of voluntarily getting wet. He now showers regularly! Hooray!


The Coolest Thing

Gr'a is searching for the Coolest Thing to ever be found. What is the Coolest Thing you might ask? He doesn't know! But he will when he sees it.

Strange Name

His mother didn't just name him Gr, did she?

With all (un)Due Respect

Gr'a wants to be taken seriously! ...Even though he doesn't always behave in a way that commands respect.

All you can Eat

Gr'a is a bottomless pit of hunger. He's always foraging for something he can chew and swallow, even if it's not considered edible by most.

Time to Grow Up

Gr'a needs to grow into his own skin through his experiences.